The design philosophy of Mindspace lies in attempting to use 'light' as a building material, respecting the five senses - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, and working with the five elements of nature.

Our underlying attempt in all projects is to participate, understand and work with nature, while also trying to imbibe culture and people's aspirations. We try to create buildings that are simple, but not simplistic; that are modest and not monumental.

Climate is an integral part of our work as designers in a tropical context. We work towards creating naturally cooler internal conditions by creating buffers to avoid the harsh sun, minimising glazing on western facades with high radiation and bringing in a strong air flow into the building.

We believe in ideas without limits, and strive to create spaces without boundaries, as architecture for us is beyond the cosmetic and about the soul: it is about falling in love with an idea and fighting relentlessly for its realisation.

"Working with nature, understanding climate and bringing in light and the other elements of nature to create buildings that are simple but not simplistic, that are modest and not monumental."